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Fashion has always been an integral part of our lives. It is not just about the clothes we wear but the way we present ourselves to the world. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards inclusive fashion, with more brands catering to people of all shapes and sizes. One such brand is Fashion to Figure (FTF), which has been making waves in the fashion industry for its commitment to creating stylish and affordable clothing for plus-size women. In this article, we will explore FTF’s history, philosophy, and offerings in detail.

History of Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure was founded in 2004 by the great-grandchildren of Lena Bryant, the pioneering plus-size fashion designer who founded the Lane Bryant brand in 1904. The founders, Nick and Michael Kaplan, were inspired by their great-grandmother’s legacy and aimed to continue her work by creating fashionable clothing for plus-size women.

The brand started as an online retailer, offering a range of trendy and affordable clothing for sizes 12 and up. However, it soon expanded to brick-and-mortar stores, with the first one opening in New York in 2010. Since then, Fashion to Figure has opened over 30 stores across the United States and has become a go-to destination for plus-size women looking for stylish clothing.

Philosophy of Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure philosophy is centered around body positivity and inclusivity. The brand believes that all women should have access to stylish and affordable clothing, regardless of their size. FTF’s mission is to empower plus-size women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin by providing them with clothing that fits well and looks great.

In addition to its commitment to inclusivity, FTF is also dedicated to sustainability. The brand has a program called FTF Cares, which focuses on reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. Fashion to Figure also partners with organizations that promote women’s empowerment, such as Dress for Success and Girls Inc.

Offerings of Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for plus-size women. The brand’s offerings include everything from casual wear to formal wear, as well as lingerie and swimwear. FTF also offers a variety of accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, and shoes.

One of the things that sets Fashion to Figure apart from other plus-size brands is its commitment to staying on top of the latest trends. The brand releases new collections regularly, featuring the latest styles and trends. FTF’s clothing is designed to flatter and fit plus-size bodies, with sizes ranging from 12 to 24.

Casual Wear

FTF’s casual wear offerings include everything from basic tees to trendy dresses. The brand’s tops come in a range of styles, including off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, and wrap styles. FTF also offers a variety of jeans and pants, with options ranging from skinny to wide-leg. The brand’s dresses are perfect for everything from a casual day out to a summer wedding.

Formal Wear

FTF’s formal wear offerings are perfect for any special occasion. The brand’s dresses come in a range of styles, from classic cocktail dresses to trendy maxi dresses. FTF also offers jumpsuits and rompers, which are a great alternative to dresses for those who prefer pants. The brand’s formal wear is designed to flatter and accentuate curves, making plus-size women feel confident and beautiful.


FTF’s lingerie offerings include bras, panties, and shapewear. The brand’s bras come in a variety of styles, including push-up, plunge, and sports bras. FTF’s panties are designed to fit and flatter plus-size bodies, with options ranging from thongs to boy shorts. The brand’s shapewear is perfect for smoothing and shaping the silhouette.


FTF’s swimwear offerings include bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover-ups. The brand’s swimsuits are designed to flatter plus-size bodies, with features such as tummy control and ruching. FTF’s cover-ups are perfect for throwing on over a swimsuit, with options ranging from kaftans to sarongs.


FTF’s activewear offerings are perfect for plus-size women who want to stay active while looking stylish. The brand’s activewear includes leggings, sports bras, and tops, all designed to fit and flatter plus-size bodies. FTF’s activewear is made from high-quality, moisture-wicking materials, making it perfect for a workout or a yoga class.


FTF’s accessories offerings include jewelry, handbags, and shoes. The brand’s jewelry includes statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all designed to complement FTF’s clothing. FTF’s handbags range from clutches to totes, with options for every occasion. The brand’s shoes include everything from sandals to heels, with sizes ranging from 7 to 12.

FTF also offers a range of gift cards, which are perfect for anyone who loves fashion. Gift cards can be purchased online or in-store, and can be used to purchase any of FTF’s offerings.


Fashion to Figure is a brand that is changing the way plus-size women shop for clothing. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity and body positivity is evident in its offerings, which include everything from casual wear to formal wear, lingerie, swimwear, activewear, and accessories. FTF’s clothing is designed to fit and flatter plus-size bodies, with sizes ranging from 12 to 24. With over 30 stores across the United States and a strong online presence, FTF is a go-to destination for anyone looking for stylish and affordable clothing for plus-size women.

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